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    1. China Nuclear Insurance Pool

        Here are our Loss Control Guidelines, sponsored by the International Nuclear Pooling System, and developed by a working group representing nuclear insurers in consultation with fire protection specialists and other technical experts:

        1.  International Nuclear Safety, Operation and Third Party Liability Guidelines

        The International Nuclear Insurance Pools have developed these engineering inspection guidelines to achieve quality risk inspections and to inform our insureds about nuclear insurers’ expectations.

        2.  International Guidelines for the Fire Protection of Nuclear Power Plants

        The Fire Protection Guidelines focus on critical aspects of fire prevention and protection, including a station's fire protection program, general plant design, systems and machinery, fire brigade and considerations for specific areas of the nuclear power plant.

        3.  International Guidelines for Machinery Breakdown Prevention at Nuclear Power Plants

        The Machinery Breakdown Guidelines emphasize the important attributes of key programs, including administration and maintenance, and describes operating risks, inspections and testing requirements for specific equipment and systems.

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