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    1. Subsidiaries

        Huatai Insurance Agency was established in the PRC on 1 March 1993 as a nation-wide professional insurance brokerage in the PRC and is headquartered in Beijing. The registered capital of Huatai Insurance Agency was RMB50 million.

        The business scope of Huatai Insurance Agency covers provision of disaster and loss mitigation services, risk assessment and risk management consulting services to its clients, the drawing up of insurance plans and insurance procedures for its clients, dealing with inspection and making claims on behalf of its clients, making claims against the insurer, arranging domestic and international inward and outward reinsurance businesses, acting for foreign insurance companies and insurance associations in order to provide services relating to inspection, claims and recovery, and other businesses approved by the CIRC.

        Huatai Surveyors & Adjusters Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huatai Insurance Agency. Huatai Surveyors & Adjusters Company was established in China on 17 May 2007. Its registered capital was RMB5 million. Its business scope includes risk survey, evaluation and assessment prior to and post underwriting for its clients in the PRC, loss survey, examination and adjustment as well as residual value assessment, risk management advisory, and other business as approved by the CIRC.

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