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    1. Subsidiaries

        China Re Life, founded in December 2003, is the only domestic life and health reinsurance company in China approved by the State Council and the CIRC. China Re Life has a registered capital of RMB6.720 billion and it is a wholly-controlled main business subsidiary of China Re Group,with its headquarters in Beijing and branches in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

        China Re Life adheres to the principle of “integrity and prudence”, focuses on the creation of shareholders’ value, targets at market and clients’ needs and dedicates itself to building a sustainable and time-honored company.

        We are committed to notion the principle of “innovation drives development” and emphasize on innovation in the fast-changing market with the endeavor to improve our core technical capabilities.

        We develop our life and health reinsurance business under the principle of “increasing profitability and value while focusing on innovation and services”, with a view towards balanced growth in both our strategic core business, namely the domestic protection-type reinsurance and cross-border RMB reinsurance, and our tactical business, namely the financial reinsurance and domestic savings-type reinsurance. We have been reinforcing our leading market position in our core business area by capitalizing on our positive brand image, broad client base, extensive local market data, strong technical expertise, solid capital position and excellent international ratings.

        We provide comprehensive coverage and tailored reinsurance solutions to our clients. We offer tailored reinsurance solutions to our clients by structuring reinsurance arrangement based on product characteristics, the nature of risks and client needs.

        Along with the rapid growth in our business, we remain strong in our financial position, and have received recognition from international rating agencies. As at 31 March 2015, China Re Life’s solvency margin ratio was 267% under the existing PRC solvency regime. In 2014, China Re Life maintained a rating of “A” with a stable outlook in financial strength rating and a rating of “a” with a stable outlook in issuer credit rating from A. M. Best. In addition, China Re Life was rated by Standard & Poor’s for the first time in 2014, and received the rating of “A+” with a stable outlook in both long-term insurer financial strength rating and issuer credit rating. We believe that such ratings demonstrate our solid financial strength and risk control capability, which lays a strong foundation for the healthy and sustainable development of our life and health reinsurance business.

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