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    1. Subsidiaries

        Founded on 15 December 2003, China Re P&C is the sole operating subsidiary for P&C reinsurance business of the China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation (“China Re Group”). China Re P&C has a registered capital of RMB 10.032 billion with headquarters in Beijing and branch offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

        The business scope of China Re P&C covers commercial P&C reinsurance, commercial short-term health and accident reinsurance, services of the above reinsurance businesses, advisory services and other businesses approved by China Insurance Regulatory Commission (the “CIRC”).

        China Re P&C took over the original brand, business portfolio, client base, as well as the highly skilled team of managers and professionals from the previous China Reinsurance Company. China Re P&C is committed to the growth of China's insurance industry and national economy by providing sufficient reinsurance capacity and professional client services. We honor this commitment and seek to build upon it via long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients.

        At China Re P&C, our strength lies in finding new ways to achieve profitability and sustainability. We position ourselves as a company built on innovative technology, sophisticated risk management, motivated talent, and a distinctive working culture.

        After a decade of strong growth, our business ties have expanded to more than 60 domestic P&C insurance companies. We offer reinsurance coverage to our clients for property, short-term accident and health, agriculture, catastrophe, and specialty lines, in addition to risk management services. We are a dominant player in the domestic reinsurance market with a consistently strong position. China Re P&C has been entrusted to manage and operate the international P&C reinsurance business of China Re Group. Through the sharing of resources between its domestic and international business portfolios, China Re P&C has been actively pursuing the corporate strategy of “Market Orientation, Specialization and Internationalization.”

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