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    1. Business

        We operate primary P&C insurance business in the PRC through China Continent Insurance, in which the Group Company holds 93.18% of equity interests.

        We have a wide range of P&C insurance product lines and, as at 31 March 2015, we offered more than 3,500 P&C insurance products, covering motor, accident and short-term health, commercial property, liability, marine hull, credit, engineering, cargo, specialty, household, agricultural and surety insurance. In terms of the Original Premium Income, motor insurance is our most important P&C insurance product. In recent years, focusing on profitable growth and customer services, we have been proactively promoting the transformation of our motor insurance business, and have established the quality monitoring system for our motor insurance business, carried out the business quality classification management, and enhanced the quality and profitability of the motor insurance. We have also expanded our non-motor insurance business and achieved breakthroughs in such areas as critical illness medical, plant, food safety liability and urban and rural residential buildings earthquake insurance.

        With a team of professionals experienced in underwriting and claims settlement as well as strong support from our reinsurance business, we have competitive advantages in the underwriting of major construction projects in the PRC. For example, we have provided a package of insurance services to the Yangtze River Three Gorges Hydropower Project and engineering insurance to the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge Project, the Middle Route Project of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, the Eastern Route Project of the West-to-East Gas Transmission Project and construction projects involving major nuclear plants.

        To adapt to the market trends of the primary P&C insurance industry, we have been developing new businesses. In 2011, we launched branded insurance solutions jointly with a well-known auto manufacturer on an exclusive basis, representing our first OEM branded insurance model in the PRC. In the second half of 2014, we launched the electronic insurance policy for statutory automobile liability insurance in Guangxi Province, representing the first application of electronic insurance policy in motor vehicle annual inspection. In 2014, we became one of five PRC P&C insurance companies authorised to operate short-term export credit insurance business. In January 2015, we became the third PRC P&C insurance company authorised to sell personal loan surety insurance products. Meanwhile, we have established our business unit of personal loan surety insurance and have been promoting its development.

        We have been developing telesales and online sales businesses. In 2007, we set up our centralized telesales centre with centralised operation and management, and achieved the coverage of the whole country except for Tibet and Qinghai for telesales in 2010; in 2012, we built our Internet portal that integrates marketing, sales, service and information management functions, and started our online sales business. In 2013, we set up our e-commerce business centre, integrating our telesales and online sales business, which aims to promote the integration of telesales and online sales and build a sales service platform featuring synergies between online and offline services.

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